How important is your GPA for UM Baltimore admission?

  1. Hey everyone -- I am just interested in knowing other people's GPAs who have been accepted (or are even applying) to the UMB Nursing program. I am applying for the spring and have excellent TEAs scores, recommendation letters, job experience, and essays. However, my GPA is low (3.2). I have a couple C+s and one D on my transcript from pre-medical classes that lowered it. I have since gotten all As and Bs in my nursing prereqs. How important do you think GPA plays a role? Did anyone get accepted with a low GPA but shined in all the other areas? I'm just getting a little nervous! Thanks!
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  3. by   GoldenDomer63
    I was accepted into UMB's nursing program for the Spring 2011 semester, but deferred until Fall 2011. I am not comfortable divulging my GPA and TEAS score, but I will tell you both were highly competitive. It is my understanding that an emphasis is placed on the aggregate GPA for the core science prerequisites as well as certain portions of the TEAS test. UMB's admissions process tends to look at all facets of the applicant's admissions package. This is true because I applied not having any previous healthcare experience; this is a second career for me.

    However, I know people with stellar GPAs and accolades who seemingly seemed to be assured of admission get rejected; while others with lower GPAs and such get accepted. A lot depends on the applicant pool too...which is out of your control.

    I know first-hand that the waiting sucks, but it goes by fairly quickly. Good luck!