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Im so excited that I have an interview at Hopkins next week for a UAP/RN position. Im scheduled to meet with recruiter, and interview with two nurse managers and have share time on two floors. From 9-5! Longest. Interview.... Read More

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    Quote from m.neugz
    Congratulations!!! Im taking it you got an RN position then? Lucky duck!!! I am certainly not complaining about starting as a tech, as Im sure I will get some great experience...but...I cant AFFORD to work as a tech for long! I'll be working to pay for daycare for the time being! Grrrr!
    Thank you When do you do orientation???
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    oops, yes it is an RN position! I understand the daycare...it's so expensive!!!
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    Hey SBrown...Have read through all of these posts about interviewing at Hopkins and I'm slated for 2-3 interviews in the next two weeks. Can you give any info on how your first year has been? Salary, support/orientation, etc.? Thanks...super excited about getting back to Charm City

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