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Hello, I am currently planning on attending harford community college despite the fact that I got into Towson and Morgan State University. (not the actual nursing program) The reason being is... Read More

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    Congrats Djsage13. Hope it's going great!

    I'm a Northern VA resident thinking about applying to CCBC. They told me today that residency isn't a factor which is great for me, but I'm so anxious about applying to a competitive program. All of them are competitive it seems. The reason I want CCBC is because I need an evening program and NVCC doesn't have one.

    Here's some background on me:

    27 yrs old
    TEAS V scores: reading and math in the mid-80s and English in the 90s (NOVA didn't require the science section so now I gotta take that for CCBC...ughh I hate adding more stuff to do to my plate)
    Bachelor's degree in Biology
    Also have Masters in Health Care Admin (if that gives me any edge, prob won't lol)
    GPA: I haven't exactly done the math but I have an A in A&P I, currently in A&P II- I expect an A, B in microbiology, A in psych, A in statistics (would be my math), etc.....I need to do the GPA calculation.

    Is it really tough to get in? Do you think I have a chance?

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    I think you look solid for the program. I definitely know that people have gotten into the program with lower grades. Although the evening program is difficult to get into. They accept like 40-47 people.

    I started back in August. It's been a challenge but definitely a solid program. I really like it so far. Had my first patient last weekend and it was great.

    Good luck and keep up the good grades and you shouldn't have a program. And so far our teas looks very good.
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    Hello everyone, I just got accepted into harford cc nursing program . I am very excited at the same time extremely nervous. Any advice? Class starts in Jan 2014.
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    Any advice ? got accepted in the nursing program starting Jan 2014.
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    HCC awards 5 points just for having a Bachelors degree. Therefore, it's nearly impossible to get into their accelerated program without one.

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