Hagerstown CC Med Terminology Quiz

  1. Has anybody attended HCC's nursing program that might be able to give advice for the medical terminology quiz that is given before the program begins? I was told to purchase a book called "Medical Terminology: A Short Course" by Chabner which I plan to do this evening. My problem is that I was admitted just last week and was told that I have to have the quiz taken by Aug 15th and I am just freaking out that I won't pass. I only have one try and Im nervous that I am going to blow my chances of nursing school with this quiz.
    Is the quiz multiple choice?
    Does it quiz on medical abbreviations or definitions?
    Are there any good websites that might help?
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  3. by   Dialysister
    This quiz may have changed from what I took in 2006. It was more of a simple calculation test---not so much terminology, if I recall correctly. I would suggest that you touch base with one of the nursing faculty to confirm the nature of the quiz. You might want to review mcg to mg to g conversions, as well as other conversions (kg to lbs, etc). READ EACH QUESTION VERY CAREFULLY! In calculation-type questions I find it helpful to work the problem "backwords" after coming up with my answer, as a way to confirm that it is correct. I can't remember if it was multiple choice or fill in the blank.

    Good luck, breathe, and stop "freaking" out!