FNP applicants to UMSON for Fall 2013

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    I was wondering if anyone is applying to FNP Program @ U of MD for the fall? Have you heard anything? Interview? Or acceptance. Thanks
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    I received an email on the 14th to set up an interview. Did you hear anything since your post?
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    Hey Roxxy3773,
    I have not heard anything yet. So I am thinking since its almost the end of the month they might not sent me one. But Good Luck with your interview. When do you go for the interview?
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    Thanks! They gave me the choice of two dates, March 27 and April 3rd, and I chose the 27th. I hope you get some good news soon!
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    Hey Roxxy how was your interview?
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    I think it went well. I think there is always something that you think later would have been a better response to a question I guess we should know by mid-April, so keeping my fingers crossed. Did you apply anywhere else?
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    Hey Roxxy,
    I applied to GW--and I got in the program is online. I hope you get in. Keep me posted
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    Thanks Pengrn and congrats on your acceptance!!! I am still waiting to hear! Hoping for good news!
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    I also applied to UMD for FNP fall 2013. I had an interview on the 3rd & think it went okay. I was hoping to hear something by the end of this week but still nothing! It's torture! I keep checking the status of my application online & I've called but they won't give any info. Let me know if you hear something from UMD.


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