Desperately seeking info on the Howard County Community Colleges patient care class

  1. 0 OK now that I know how to post my own thread, yea and it only took 4 months, I was curios on any feedback or experiences anyone has had with the Howard County Community Colleges advanced patient care program. I was thinking about taking this class next month (and on my own dime, I know Howard County General Hospital offers to pay for the class with employment there but its not until fall and I hope to be in nursing school by then) but anyway I just wanted to know if there are any challenges in finding employment at any other hospitals after you finish I ask because there are no clinicals and most other patient care or multi- skilled nurse tech classes are considerably longer then this one so i wanted to know do other hospitals except this training? Is there further certification needed? How much is they pay afterward because I'm a GNA working at a nursing home now but I wanted to take this class to make more money while in school and also to get some experience in a hospital. This class in comparison to others like it is the cheapest however its still pretty costly for me so I guess in a nut shell I'm asking is it worth it? Any input would be very very helpful. Thanks
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