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Hello, anyone else applying for the CNL program spring 2018? My application is complete and ready for review. Just wanted to see where everyone else is at..... Read More

  1. by   MakingDreamsComeTrue
    NurseChamp I was thinking the same with outfit. :-) Luckily I already had the Dr appointment set up. I got tetanus in 2015, got the flu shot (for the first time ever in my life, haha) and tested out of the other immunizations. The only things I don’t have complete is CPR, but I’m signed up for early January, and drug test that I’m going to do Wednesday/Thursday. It’s all coming together! See y’all in a bit
  2. by   tgdean4388
    Does anyone know what side the patches need to be sewn on to? Just got my scrubs and lab coat and wanted to get them taken in for the patches. Thanks!