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Hello, anyone else applying for the CNL program spring 2018? My application is complete and ready for review. Just wanted to see where everyone else is at..... Read More

  1. by   tgdean4388
    Yes. I got almost all of them used. My total was around $800. Got most of them on Amazon. Just copied and pasted the ISBN number in the search bar and looked for used deals.
  2. by   Luvlox101
    I'll be there on the 19th as well!
  3. by   SNP22
    Posting this on a few forums, but I have a question about the UMD CNL program that I haven't been able to get a clear answer on. Completion of the program earns a Masters degree - but, in what specifically? It sounds like it's not in nursing, but is it a general masters degree?

    Also: do you know if, with this degree from UMD SON, one could complete a post masters certificate program to enter into advanced practice nursing (FNP)?
    Or would you need a Masters in Nursing? Trying to get things straight and the wording from the website is a bit vague. Any idea?

  4. by   NurseChamp
    Hello SNP22,
    Upon completion of the program you'll have a master's of science in nursing degree. You can also look at it as a master of science with a concentration in nursing degree. After graduation you can apply for the DNP program to become a nurse practitioner, you may also choose to go into anesthesia. You don't need another master's degree to get into a doctorate/specialty program.
  5. by   NurseChamp
    Let me also add that after you complete the CNL program you get the opportunity to sit for the NCLEX exam to become an RN. Which makes you a registered nurse with a master's degree in nursing. That places you above the normal BSN or RN programs even tho you may still be competing for the same jobs but I think salary is a bit higher with a CNL. You may also choose to take the CNL certification exam upon completion of the program
  6. by   MakingDreamsComeTrue
    OMG!!! I got in!!! After being waitlisted and all!!! I AM IN!!! Any pointers to catch up? Cant wait to meet y'all!!!
  7. by   Luvlox101
    Yay!!! Congratulations!! That's wonderful news!!!
  8. by   MakingDreamsComeTrue
    For everyone still trying... NEVER give up! I was wait listed 2 semesters for Maryland's BSN program AND this CNL program! I was denied by Hopkins and accepted into Shenandoah's Accelerated 2nd Bachelor program... You will make it too!!! <3
  9. by   Fleur1225
    WOW! CONGRADULATION to you all! Now that you are in how is the program going? Also those who were accepted what were your GPA. I am thinking about applying how ever my GPA is above 3.0 but under 3.5 is it good enough thank you. I need tips! I am thinking about applying Fall2018/spring 2019
  10. by   MakingDreamsComeTrue
    Fleur1225 I think my overall GPA is right around 3.0. I enjoyed college a little too much the first time around and boy does it follow you forever. When retaking my Science I did work hard for an A in all with a B in Chem. I say go for it! Our program starts January 2018. Good luck!

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