cna exam and AACC nursing program

  1. I am currently working on my prerequisites for the AACC nursing program and would also like to get my cna certification so that I can start working as a cna while in nursing school to gain some experience. Before shelling out the money for the PCT program, I was wondering if I would be qualified to sit for the cna exam after completing the first semester of the nursing program?
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  3. by   pinksapphire
    Once you complete your first semester in the nursing program at AACC you are eligible for your CNA license. You do not have to take any additional courses or exams. Call MBON in Baltimore and have them send you the packet. There are lots of places that do the fingerprinting/background checks and photo. AACC NSA also offers photo and background checks/fingerprinting nearer to the end of each semester and the cost is around $70 +-. Hope this helps and good luck!
  4. by   PocketSize
    I recommend against getting your CNA. I have my CNA and a CMT license and its SO hard to get hospital positions without an "in" or prior experience. Your best bet is to find work in a nursing home- you provide bedside care to the residents so you're practicing skills without have the stress of a demanding hospital job. I'm a CMT at my current facility completing pre reqs for the nursing program and sometimes it's SO stressful I go home and sulk. Mind you, I work full time and do classes in the AM. Some facilities don't require a CNA, just CPR/first aid and they'll train you on the job, sometimes covering training for other licenses. You'll do as you please but iny experience, paying $1250 for my CNA course just taught me basic nursing fundamentals and perfected my skills. So if you want a preview of what nursing is REALLY like, get it so you know if this is the career for you. Otherwise, save your money and just go straight to RN. Since they want me as a FT med tech now, I'm not even practicing my beside skills so when I start the nursing program, ill be rusty in some. Sorry this is so long, just trying to save you money
  5. by   PocketSize
    Mind you, I'll have to renew about 2-3 licenses this year so add those costs to nursing school. Not worth it unless you can shell out the money

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