CCBC Spring 2013 !!

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    Just got my acceptance letter 10/27. Just wondering who else has been accepted and what campus.
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    I am accepted, too. CCBC Essex here.
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    Congrats. i got accepted to catonsville. just out of curiousity what was ur gpa and teas
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    my gpa is 3.54 and my teas is 74.
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    I applied but havent heard anything yet.
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    Did you see a 200 dollar fee posted to your account?
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    yes. there is a $200 seat fee on my account.
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    Congrats! I got my acceptance letter to Catonsville day program on October 23rd but didn't have my payment posted to the website until sometime after the 24th. This was way earlier than I was expecting since they tell you that you won't hear back for about 8 weeks, which would have been November 10th. Sounds like they aren't mailing all the letters out at once since gpsa didn't get theirs until the 27th, so I wouldn't freak out too much if you haven't gotten one yet!

    I'll give as much information as possible on my own scores since I can relate to those who might be interested/searching other posts for all the info you can get! My GPA from the 10 prereq's required for the program was a 3.2 with psych 103 in progress. I only took 3 classes at CCBC, the rest were taken at Towson (I have a bachelor's degree in community health). My teas score was in the high 80's and in the "Advanced" category. From the information that I gathered from Gwen Degner and Gwen Jones, the school only looks at your GPA for those 10 classes and what category you fall into for the teas;basic, proficient, advanced, or exemplary. Nothing else really matters. I know this because I was extremely worried about my overall college gpa effecting my chances of getting in- I have a 2.98 overall gpa from my 123 credits taken at towson. One bad semester can really bring down your gpa and it seems almost impossible to bring it back up. Anyway, work experience, letters of recommendation, none of that matters. Gwen told me that it wouldn't hurt me that I was enrolled in psych103 during the application process, but I have heard many rumors stating otherwise.

    Congratulations again to those of you who have been accepted and good luck to those who are still waiting to hear or are hoping to apply to later semesters!
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    I got accepted as well, to the Catonsville campus. Congratulations to all!!
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    Congrats everybody! Im very excited and nervous to start the program... Has anyone heard any information fro current or previous students about ccbc program?