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Just got my acceptance letter 10/27. Just wondering who else has been accepted and what campus.... Read More

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    Congrats to everyone that was accepted I was accepted in the Catonsville program. Can't wait to meet you all!
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    I got in for the Essex Day program.

    GPA was ~3.0 for pre-reqs. I'm not sure how they translated my Sociology CLEP or English AP scores.

    98 on the TEAS probably helped.
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    Congrats guys! 98 on Teas wow !!
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    hope to meet you there. your teas score is amazing! congratulations.
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    All the books needed for Nursing 153 is listed already. I wonder which book do we really need for the whole program. I am thinking to rent some of the books from Barnes and Noble or do we really need all the book for the program. There are 9 books to buy and they cost almost $800.00.
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    where are the books listed
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    look under the ccbc bookstore. put what course like Nursing 153, 9 books are listed.
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    Hey everyone. Congratulations if you've recently heard good news from CCBC. Stay positive if you haven't. I was just accepted into the Catonsville day RN program for spring of 2013. Who's with me? I don't know of anyone who will be starting the program with me so I'd love a shout back.
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    A lot of expensive books.
    hey ERey Catonsville here! look forward to seeing all at orientation