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Hi everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Fall 2013 applicants yet so I thought now would be a good time. :) It's still a little early, but since the deadline is in March, I figured, why not? I took... Read More

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    Hi, I am also a nervous wreck nursing applicant for this program. I did really well on the TEAS V (98 percentile for the program) but my GPA is stinky. I wish you all the best of luck while secretly hoping I am picked over all of you . Just kidding. Hope to see you all as classmates in the fall!
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    My application for the nights/weekends program is done and the wait begins! Hopefully, we can get one another through the wait. I am currently in Micro and A&PII. I'm not sure about my GPA; my grades are coming from three different schools and I don't know which grades they'll pull from each transcript. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone!
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    Hi starpuffs, are you taking Micro with Fisher on monday and wednesday evenings?
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    No, I'm with ***** on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
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    ***** is my lab instructor! LOL! He's pretty nice.

    Good luck this semester and with nursing school!
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    Sorry about posting the name! I like him, too! His exam reviews are great. Good luck to you as well.
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    Hello everybody!

    I took a little break, but I did submit my Fall application. Really want to get in because my job will flex my time so I can go to nursing school. Applied for the Day program this time. I feel I may have a better chance but we shall see. I graduated from CCBC in 2011. I have proficient in TEAS but Lord knows I shoud have retaken it to get a higher score... Waiting with you..................!
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    I already put up my application, and I got a Proficient grade in the TEAS. I am currently taking Psych 103, micro and BIO221, hoping to get in this fall. Looking at your qualification, I am scared that I might not get in lol .
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    Did any of you apply to the N/W program? I have no idea what to think about my chances since they accept only 40 students. I may not last until May! The wait is killing me!
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    Based on the nursing students i have talked to, there are atleast 50 to 65 students accepted last fall.
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    I did the E/W program at the Essex campus, starting in 2010. There were about 50 of us.
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    Hey Everyone, I am currently in the Catonsville Day program. I completely understand what you guys are going through. Hang in there before you know it your acceptance letter will come and you'll be in the program stressing it out with the rest of us! I will give you all a little info about me- My GPA was a 3.05 and I scored a proficient on the teas. I am currently in Fundamentals and just started my spring break! lol Wish you all the best. Feel free to ask away I know you guys probably have lots of questions about the program, I know I did!
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    Ah..the website must not have been updated. It still says 40. Although, some parts still say the TEAS is only $40 and that's definitely not true. Thanks for the info, I'm slightly less worried now.