CCBC ATB program Spring 2018 - page 2

Hi there! I know is a little early, but anyone else applying for the spring 2018 ATB Program? I recently moved back to MD and I wanted to connect with other applicants.... Read More

  1. by   eg15
    nothing yet. Hopefully by Wednesday =/
  2. by   Mommy_18
    I haven't heard anything yet this thursday marks 6 weeks so i think if we don't hear anything this week within the next two weeks we should hear something back.
  3. by   Lb11
    Good luck to you all! I hope we hear something soon
  4. by   DBanks97
    Where should we be checking on the status? I login into SIMON and I'm not too sure where I should be checking. Or are we waiting for an email?
  5. by   Eken
    You can log onto Simon and go to student services then admissions and click on your spring 2018 application file and see if its changed to "decision made". And then you can go to student accounts next to student services and check your bill and see if you have a seat fee. I know in previous semesters they posted the seat fees and then sent out the emails not long after.
  6. by   Mommy_18
    I actually just checked mine and it still states under review I think if we don't hear anything today then we will hear something the next weeks since today marks 6weeks since due date of application and they stated that it could take 6-8weeks to get response. Good luck
  7. by   DBanks97
    Thank you!
  8. by   DBanks97
  9. by   Cheekyrose
    I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I hope we all get good news soon. Is there a chance that we could hear something today?
  10. by   Mommy_18
    Has anyone heard anything? Also just wondering anyone currently taking classes still...
  11. by   ks61017
    Hi All... I too am extremely anxious to hear. I read the blog from the previous semester and it looked like they found out around exactly the 7 week mark, so I hope we find out this week. I am having trouble sleeping I am so anxious to hear.
  12. by   Lb11
    I am taking microbiology which is my last prerequisite right now
  13. by   Mommy_18
    Im taking A & P II I'm worried I might have to withdraw and not be able to attend program if I get in. Only reason this may happen is first test didn't go so well and teacher had really low average score for whole class