1. hi I posted my resume on monster and career builder....carefocus in Maryland called me...Does anyone have any information about carefocus? Has anyone worked there b4? They say that the RN will work on the nonmedical aspects pertaining to CNA. what is considered "nonmedical"?
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    I actually received a call from these people "CareFocus" as well and I followed through and ended up getting hired very quickly after background checks etc... but I think they have a high turn-around rate. As of today, I have worked for CareFocus for about a month now and I'm finding that they are very unprofessional. At least this branch in Washington state. I believe they got my email when I had responded to a NAR/CNA ad that was posted on CraigsList. The ad was actually advertised as from Maxim. I hear that Maxim is a great company as my CNA teacher actually works for them part time aside from her employment at a local community college.

    I've had many mis-haps that have occurred with CareFocus from the 1st day I walked in to their office. After my interview they gave me tons of paperwork to fill out. Upon leaving and heading home, I get a phone call about 20 minutes later (while I was on the road almost home) and they had asked me to come back as they (the guy that interviewed me) had forgotten to include the job application with rest of the paperwork. Another incident, I had to refuse a piece of work and I proceeded to explain why which concerned my kids and the coordinator ended up laughing at me!! Very disrespectful. Then I was doubled-booked twice for a shift and was sent home and they don't give any compensation for gas/mileage. Not to mention that my very first shift with them was driving 24 miles round trip for a shift that was .5 hr long (1/2 hr!!) I don't know if all home health companies that hire strictly caregivers/NARs/CNAs are like this.....I would certainly hope not. But I'm seriously thinking of putting in my 2 weeks and finding different employment until I can get my LPN.

    I'll never forget what my CNA teacher told me. She's already an RN and teaching PT. She said, "I didn't work as a CNA because I knew that I would not be able to live on CNA salary so instead I was a waitress."

    Maybe I will take this into consideration. But with all said and done regarding my experience with CareFocus; I would NOT recommend them as a reputable company to work for. Remember they called YOU.....they desperately need CNA caregiver workers probably because nobody stays very long with them.

    Anyways, good luck to you with whatever decision you make. I would hope that not all CareFocus branches are as unprofessional as this one in Washington state.