Can anyone share his/her experience w/ Montgomery College nursing application?

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    I would really appreciate it if anyone applying to or have applied to Montgomery College's nursing program could share his/her thoughts.

    I just took the Teas V and scored a 79% overall. I was so disappointed with my score. Then, I realized how low the mean scores are both nationally and for the program; my percentile rank for the test is 88. I have a GPA of 3.6 and I've completed all core foundation courses, as well as A & P I, II, and Micro (w/ A's). Can someone share his or her experience in the application process? I'm very anxious about where I stand. Thank you.

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    Thought I'd answer my own question to share info with those who may be waiting for a letter. I received an acceptance letter on 05/27!
    Correction: I typed 3.6 as GPA- should be 3.8.
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    Moved to MD Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more discussion.

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