Baltimore accelerated program

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been doing so much research on accelerate programs in Baltimore and I'm hoping you guys can give me advice. I have been looking into John Hopkins, Georgetown and George Washington university. They all are good schools but I would be moving from Pennsylvania and would like to have a job if accepted but, some of the programs have stated that the program is so intense (which I do believe is true) that I couldn't have a job. If that's true then how do others support themselves in the program?

    I have my CNA certificate and I'm looking to get my EMT certification later. I would like to work as an EMT if I got into one of the accelerated programs.

    Any help and clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    I went to Hopkins and the program is intense. I only know of a handful of people that worked and they worked toward the end of the program.

    I saved as much as I could and took out loans.

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