Anyone in the MC Nursing Program??

  1. Haven't seen too many posts about Montgomery College's nursing program. I am currently taking pre-reqs and hope to apply at the end of next school year. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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  3. by   BEAUTY13
    same trying to apply to mc nursing program..and i want to know how competative it is...and also Trinity university nursing program..pls can anyone let me knw how the program is....
  4. by   mom23boyz
    I think MC changes their TEAS score requirements every year. I was just accepted for the fall and when I applied you needed to complete all the prereqs (the higher your GPA the better), nothing below a C. Minimum GPA is a 2.5. And TEAS was an 83% in reading and 66% overall. From what I understand, MC didn't get enough qualified applicants when I applied and they ended up extending the deadline. It is supposed to be fairly competitive because it is so well regarded and funding comes from the county so they doni't want to lower their standards. HTH.
  5. by   BEAUTY13
    thxx for ur reply.n congr to trying to take my the teas exam this mth..hop i do well. it's via computer..i which thy have it in was ur teAS??
  6. by   mom23boyz
    I studied a lot using the ATI study manual. Make sure you know your science and math. Reading is tricky. My test was via computer as well. It goes by so quickly. Good luck!

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