Is anyone applying to or has been accepted to AACC Spring 2013 program

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    I just submitted my application yesterday to the RN program at AACC. I was just wondering if anyone else has submitted theirs and how long it took for them to hear back. I am so anxious! I hate waiting!

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    I also applied last week, the only thing I know is that next semester is full, and for next semester(2013) we will be notified by October...
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    There is always a chance that someone will drop out before 8/27 and they might pull from spring 2013. Someone last semester was notified the morning of orientation. So it can happen.
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    Im curious as to what the schedule is going to be like for the spring 2013 semester. I work part time evenings and weekends and am hoping I don't have to change my hours too much. That is if I even get in..
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    Has anyone heard back yet? I was thinking we'd probably hear within the next two weeks. I have so far only heard confirmation that they got my application...
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    I still haven't heard anything, I guess they aren't sending anything out until the very last minute. I thought we would know by orientation which is the 26th, but you never know.
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    I called the office and they said end of October, but they also told me when I applied in may that we would know by kept changing monthly after that. I hope they figure it out soon! I have been impatiently waiting for a response for months, as we all have! Hopefully it all is worth the wait! And I too wonder about the schedule! I am a mom and worker and fingers crossed I can manage it all and my sanity!
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    did anyone go to the orientation yesterday? I didn't get to but was wondering what was said..
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    They are supposed to send an email tomorrow.... :S:S I hope they do, I am feeling a little impatient..
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    Has anyone heard anything? Are decisions sent via mail or e-mail?

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