Any Towson University attendees or graduates out there?

  1. Hey all,
    I'm planning on attending TU this fall and just wanted to get some input on the program from the inside. I'm going to be an RN pursuing my BSN by that time. Any info will do. Thanx.
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  3. by   hondurena
    Hi there I don't know much about Towson's program but i am considering applying there for may BSN. Comparing and contrasting btwn there and Villa Julie. I'm fairly new to Baltimore so don't know much about RN schools here and their reps. Anyway--- not much help, but how do you like it so far
  4. by   FutureNurse2B
    Oh I'm not at Towson just yet. I go in the fall of 2006. Yea I've heard about Villa Julie too but for some reason I get a much stronger vibe about Towson. When do you plan on applying to Towson or wherever your going to get your BSN? Thanks for the reply tho. I appreciate it.
  5. by   FutureNurse2B
    Ok I'm fairly new to this website thang so if this is a repeated thread I apologize. But I'm not at Towson just yet. I will most likely attend in fall of 2006. I've heard about Villa Julie as well but for some reason, I get a much stronger vibe about Towson and their program. When do you plan on attending or applying? Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.
  6. by   hondurena
    Hi future nurse, sorry i misunderstood your post :chuckle fall 2006 (duh). Anyway i'm thinking of starting fall 06 as well or maybe even taking a class summer 06 i'll see. Since i haven't heard from any grads or current students here i've just been asking everybody --- "hey were'd you go to nsg school". My clinical nurse educator did her RN-BSN there and was pleased she earned her masters @Towson as well. I also spoke to a co-worker who is a Towson grad approx 2 yrs ago, she did the traditional 4yr BSN program. She said it was ok, and has no regrets --- she remembers passing NCLEX @75 questions. Hope this helps
    take care

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