Any Anne Arundel Medical Center Nurses Out There?

  1. Hi AAMC nurses, I was hoping that you could take a moment and share a little bit about your experience. I know that AAMC has a very nice new facility, that morale was low during the expansion due to a salary freeze, but that raises have been re-implemented and the new units have opened. So, how is it now? What is the computer system like? (I'll admit that I love paper charting, it's so quick!) Is it easy to use and can you do it in a timely manner? Is the "nursing environment" nice? Ratios, pay, PRN rates etc..? Of particular interest is the oncology unit, but I'd be happy to hear from nurses, CNA's or students on any of the units. TIA!
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  3. by   SiennaGreen
    I work on the Oncology unit at AAMC. We've expandd into the new tower and the facility is wonderful. The technology is superb, as far as I'm concerned. I will admit that I only have experiance with computer charting, never done paper professionally. Our new COO is a nurse and she is fantastic! Very committed to staying in touch and hearing from the staff nurses. I think you're right, morale was low during the expansion. We've had a huge turnover with many experianced nurses moving around during the expansion. I think it's turning around now, but it's a BIG ship and the negative nellies have loud, peristant voices. I think the pay is pretty darn good, for the area. I know we make more comparably than the teaching hospitals in Balt/DC, as well as BWMC. Our ratios on the unit are 5/1 on days, and 6/1 from 11-7am. It's doable, but can be quite stressful due to patient acuity. We do try to accomadate any official Oncology patients, however on any given day it seems that 1/2 the unit is Meg Surg overflow. It's been a while since your post, but if you want to PM me, feel free.