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Hello fellow MD nurses! I'm just looking to see if there are any prospective Spring 2012 students at AACC? I'm finishing up A&P2 this summer and will be putting my application in in the fall. Anyone take the TEAS yet? Any... Read More

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    Does anyone know how soon we will need a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff?

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    I believe by week 4. You can find it in the orientation packet with the list of books.
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    I finally got a computer after forking over another 600 bucks.... . Thankfully my anger is overcome by my excitement that school is starting in 13 days!!!!
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    11 days!!!
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    Start in just a few days!!!!!
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    I applied for the LPN Program at AACC and hopefully I could get in for Spring 2013. I would really appreciate it if somebody would give me any advice on what to expect about the Program. Thanks
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    Hey guys,

    Can anyone tell me if the Nursing Constellation package that we are required to have on our PDA's come with one of the books we have to purchase from the book store? The orientation info just said bring it loaded on your PDA device but it didn't say anything else. I only ask because its almost $90.

    Thanks in advance.

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