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So the summer session starts Tuesday of next week. Have made a B so far in both my previous semesters. I still work fulltime. Summer session will be rough and fast. OB/GYN/Peds. Aside from the trepidation I feel over the... Read More

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    It bit. Not one person would let the few guys in our class do anything for them. The only positive thing was that the school had virtually no choice but to pass us thru the rotation because it was not our fault that we couldnt do anything there.

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    We had 3 days in OB last block. My first day was in postpartum and it went well. I had a great nurse and got to DC a foley and removed staples from a C-section. The second day was pretty slow. I was in triage and the nurses there were not very receptive. All I got to do was clean up triage rooms, setup external monitors on a pt., and give a terbutaline injection. The third day was great! I was in delivery and worked with a hard as nails nurse, very businesslike who gives you one chance. We had a scheduled C-section show up 45 minutes late which put us under the gun to get everything ready in time for the docs. I did what I could to help while staying out from underfoot. We go the pt ready in time and then continued to surgery for a very good c-section. The nurse let me do the neonate assessment after delivery and Vit K injection and eye ointment. It was a terrific day.

    The key I found was the nurses. Most of my classmates (females) had similar experiences in the different areas and one had a much worse time in triage. Patient receptiveness to students was directly correlated to how the nurse presented it. ie "This is George, he's a student nurse helping me today. Is that okay with you?" versus "I have a student nurse outside. You don't want a student nurse today do you?"
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    I like NICU....that's it. 80% of my OB clinicals I was housekeeping basically. I just figured that I know I'm not working OB/GYN stuff after school, so I just did it, kicked butt on the tests, and got it over with.

    ....but NICU was fun... had an SVT baby that had an order for adenosine that i wound up having to give. Talk about freak-you-out... you give it and hold your breath hoping the kids' heart would start back up. If that doesn't scare the crap out of ya, nothing will. The mother was right outside the window too.... i was sweating.
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    My experience wasn't bad at all. I really liked the nursery, and I didn't have any problems with the moms that I had to take care of. I was worried as well though. But you just get through it. If anyone gives you crap just tell them that this isn't what you'de be doing if you could help it.

    I never got any compliments for being a male, but I was only 21 at the time, and I guess I look a little young, and a couple nurses asked me if I was old enough to be in nursing school.
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    I had a pretty good OB rotation. I had a refusal or two on post partal checks but what can you do. Another guy had an awful time.
    An elderly female student told me that it was attitude that made the difference. "While you keep a professional face I could imagine him giggling after he was out of the room.I wouldn't want him in there either." She told me.
    Made me feel good and I have tried to carry that with me for the last 22 or so years in all aspects of nursing. Keep it real and you will do fine.
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    Hello, I am female but had to add my 2 cents in as well. I will be starting nursing school in the fall. I am a military spouse as you can see and I had my second daughter in a military hospital in Germany. I had a male nurse. He was a captain. I think he was one of the best nurses I have ever had. He was the most kind,gentle nurse up there. I really dont think woman should care if there nurse is male or female in the birth process as long as they are a good nurse. After I left the hospital I had a few friends that had babies too and they had him. They all talked about how great he was. So he had a great reputation as a male nurse in Labor and delivery. Also after I had my daughter he was great about getting my daughter cleaned up and back to me and getting me down to my room so I could start to nurse her ASAP. He was very educated on breastfeeding and how it benefits the baby and mother. So if I were you and you really wanted to work this floor, show the other female nurses you can do it just as well or even better than them. I think men can be even more compassionate in that area because they dont know how we are feeling in the moment of birth.
    Good luck.
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    Just a follow up note to say I got through them fine and with flying colors. The nurses on the floor were all very cool and very helpful and actually let me do things which was a lot more than I'd been told was gonna happen at my particular location. There were of course some tense moments on my part as I wasn;t to comfy in all situations, but I swallowed my nerves and got over it.

    Just wanted to thank you all for your help, and advice in the situation. One more day to go this sunday in the nursery and one test then two finals and we're on to 4th semester.

    Thanks again,

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