Time to order uniforms--The most confusing part yet.

  1. Ok so now I can make a bed, give a bath and take vitals. So far nursing school is great but the uniform order sheet was passed around the other day and guess what, the scrubs are unisex but are listed all in women's sizes. After staring at the paper for a while I took the advise of my classmates who guessed I am a small or small-tall. I have no clue what I ordered. I tried setting up a dimensional analysis problem out of this but I don't know the conversion factors.
    I wear 30x30 pants and about 34-36 in the chest what size scrubs should I get?
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  3. by   cbailey4111
    Do you have to order through the school? Ours gave us the option to if we wanted to at orientation, but in the end as long as our scrubs are royal blue, they don't give a flip about where we got them from.
  4. by   Asmorris
    Yes, they have to be ordered though the school so we all look the same. I thought about waiting to see what came in and then going to the store and matching up the colors but it would be much easier if they somehow came in right.
  5. by   pedro2012
    the scrubs i ordered from school is size L (female size). But the shirt came out too big for me. So i went to a scrubs store and bought the same design and color scrub shirts for $10 each (Dickies brand), Dickies size M (female size) fits me well, my waist is 36 and chest is 40 so im guessing size S will fit you. The school scrubs have the school logo on the left chest but nobody notices that my Dickies scrub didn't have the logo.
  6. by   Asmorris
    I think the logo is only on our coats so if mine do come out wrong I will probably do the same as you. But, if a medium fits you I may end up alright.
  7. by   cbailey4111
    You could always call the company and ask for the measurements? If it's not too late, maybe you could even change your order before it ships out.
  8. by   Asmorris
    If I was that smart I would have looked to see what company it was.