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I understand that women are supposed to be the loving and caring type, but why do people think men can't be that way? I know the general view of a man is supposed to be masculine, strong, confident, etc., but why do we get... Read More

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    Quote from Jay_LPNStudent
    Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean. If you mean that image was offensive, I apologize. I intended for it to be humorous. It was only a reference to a popular show in Japan, where nursing is likely still a feminine profession. I'm not mocking male nurses. Heck, I'm going to become a male nurse in about 2 months. Plus, I doubt the majority of people stereotype nurses in either of those ridiculous lights.

    I mean, honestly. I'm sure most people wouldn't identify male nurses as cross-dressing homosexuals or female nurses as strippers.
    Don't worry, I'm gay and I didn't find it offensive. i actually found the other post where someone says they avoid a male nurse who is gay to be more offensive.

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    I'm not gay but why do we call gay people gay people. People are people. People are complex. Show me an ordinary people and I'll show you a robot.
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    I love male nurses ! I love a man with a smart brain and skills no matter if they're gay or str8 or bi lol they're cute to me this a female here btw lol
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    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    Like insulting stereotypes much? Maybe post a picture of a sexy female nurse busting out of her too tight, too short uniform while perched on her 6 inch heels?

    Even if it's a stereotype from before you were born, that doesn't make it ok.
    If you are objecting to a nurse busting out of her uniform, you need a time out.
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    My thoughts on this is that male nurses, gay or straight, add a great dynamic to nursing staffs. I worked with four male ER techs when I was one who were all in school for nursing , all straight , and all excellent at their jobs. Sadly , I think men turn away from the career because of the stereotypes, when it's a great career. The men who aren't afraid to face those stereotypes head on end up with a great career and If they are straight , they're now surrounded by smart , well educated females . Sound like smart men to me!!!
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    Amen sister id like a smart man than a fool lol
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    Quote from Kuriin
    Because generally, men who are nurses were gay. It's only recently changed within the last twenty or so years where there's now a pretty even ratio of straight to gay men.
    I am in a program with roughly 100 students in my cohort. The instructors keep commenting how many men there are (roughly 35/100). Not one that I know of identifies as gay and we've all gotten to know each other very well in person and on Fb -- most have gfs and some have wives/ children. I know it's anecdotal, but my school is a state institution (not a private conservative Christian school). I believe the 50/50 ratio is definitely falling rapidly. Not that this is necessarily good or bad...just wanting to make the point that this ratio will not hold in the years ahead. Nursing is a solid career choice. The pay is decent, it's flexible, there are opportunities for advancement (e.g. CRNA, DNP), and for the most part, outsourcing is not a huge issue. For these reasons, males (including a lot of straight males) are likely to increasingly choose nursing as a career.
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    I have at least 2 in my cohort who I suspect are gay - we can kind of sniff each other out. But unlike me, they're young so they probably haven't come to terms with it and are still doing that "gf" bit.
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