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All - I am new to this forum, and already found it to be helpful. I am thinking of leaving the practice of law (i am sure that is a surprise from any who have been in the law). I was talking to my future sister in law and she... Read More

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    Follow your heart. I changed careers and just graduated nursing school in December and so far it has been well worth it because it is a respected career. I am in the process of leaving the plumbing field and will do so if I pass the NCLEX on August 8th. If you like law you can always do it on the side which is what I will do with plumbing. I have a lot of knowledge with all of the New York City agencies required documents and I always get requests for me to complete required documents so I charge fee and make extra money.

    Good luck to you. As a side note, you mentioned marriage so certainly do not let that get in the way of pursuing nursing school. I was married with little bambino's running around wwhile attending nursing school and sure I wanted to pull my hair out of my head at times but it all worked out so it can be done.


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    Quote from Leaving the Law
    All -
    I am new to this forum, and already found it to be helpful. I am thinking of leaving the practice of law (i am sure that is a surprise from any who have been in the law). I was talking to my future sister in law and she though It would be a good fit.

    It appears that I would need to take the prerequisites, so I would give that around 1 1/2 to 2 years since I want to stay employed during that time, just in case. I am 31 getting ready to get married and just want thoughts on whether or not this is a good idea to even start to look into. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated, also how is the whole "male nurse" culture?

    Thanks again -
    This is why I'm glad I never went to law school despite being encouraged to. I've yet to meet anyone who really enjoyed it. I'm a career changer too (maybe). I'm in law enforcement. We're on hiatus for the summer, and this upcoming fall mark's the beginning of the end for nursing school. I can't wait although I'm not entirely sure that I yearn to be a nurse. Going back to school just seemed like a good idea at the time while I was in a rut, plus it's not too terribly expensive here. I'm fairly certain that the only departments I'd want to go to work in, based on both school experience and prior life experience, are the emergency department, albeit I want no career in that, or addictions/psych.

    I've not had any problem being male in school or in rotations although there are areas I feel I have no business working (or even learning) in as a male. That's my personal opinion though. I really don't think you'll have a problem fitting in.

    You could probably take all of the prereqs online through a local community college rather rapidly to get them knocked out of the way. The difficulty in getting into school is probably regional; more people = more competition. I really encourage you to focus on accelerated programs just to get in and get it done. Nursing school seems to move at a snail's pace.
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    I got your message but for some reason can't reply. Feel free to contact me at doherty.rhiannon at gmail in the future.

    As for studying, my theory is this - you will not know everything they throw at you on the NCLEx. It just isn't humanly possible. What you need to know how to do is guess in an educated way. Kaplan really emphasizes this point with good reason. Ex: priority questions are directly related to the ABCs, Maslow hierarchy and if nothing else - whats the thing you could do and walk away with the best result.

    But you asked about studying. As I've mentioned before and as you know, questions are the only way to crack the NCLEX format. The more you do the better you'll get at interpreting the gist of what they are asking. All the clues are there.

    So, do questions 150-200 a day. Do them on study mode and read the rationales. I'd go through Saunders the two weeks before the test. If you struggle with meds I've heard Nursing made easy makes a good book. Look at your ATI to find your weak points on specific material - but focus on safety, med adverse effects, infection control and prioritization.

    Hope my advice helps. Relax and do your best. You made it through nursing school and therefore you do know everything you need to pass, you just need to learn to tap into your own knowledge.

    Feel free to be in touch,


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