Questions about the Grayson Spring 2011 ADN program

  1. Hello to everyone, I am so frustrated and looking for any kind of help I can get.
    My story: 30 years old and tring to get into the Grayson ADN program Spring 2012.
    This will be my 3rd semester at grayson. I will have all of my pre reqs after this semester with enough points to get into the spring 2012 program. I started this semester on Mon. Aug 22nd. I logged onto blackboard on Fri. Aug 19th and noticed an announcement sent on AUG 17th. It stated "Starting FALL 2012 eng 1302 will not be accepted as an elective". I'm in eng 1302 right now. Ok, so, do I even need this class to get into the Spring 2012? I still see it on the aas core list and it even says that it's required to obtain an associates degree. But it's not on the adn program list.

    I did take med term as my elective. So, does it still count?

    Next they have updated the nursing packett as of Aug and several people havetole me it says that applications for the Spring 2012 program were due in July 2011???? Is that right???? We didn't even start school until AUG 22nd. I have called Chris Hix and left a messege but she won't be back in the office until after labor day.

    Also, if that's the case, do I need to drop my eng 1302 and start taking college alg or statistics?

    If anyone know's what I'm going through please help out. these changes could set me back another 6 months out of my life and I really need to get to work.
    Thanks ya'll
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