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I thought a visual would be nice for us once folks have placed their preference vote. Also, I have placed a similar poll in our Male Nursing Forum. That poll can be viewed here: Good comparison threads when... Read More

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    I did a job shadow with a male nurse in an operating room. I got to see all kinds of good stuff in there. As a pre-nursing student with no major nursing experience yet, i have to say thats where i would like to be.

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    I hope to be a CA RN with our local detox or rehab one day.
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    Any area that hires me after I graduate
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    A very distant goal is CRNA, but offcourse cardiac icu would be amazing as well.
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    My dream is to be a full time surgical/trauma ICU and part time nursing clinical instructor. I would also eventually like to work in burn ICU, oncology (part time), cardiovascular ICU, and the ED (part time). My main interest is surgical/trauma ICU, and I really want to work in ICU the most out of all the things I listed.
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    I would love to be a Flight Nurse however it is a long road to get there. Even though I really enjoy he ED I will be trying for an ICU Job out of school. That experience is usually considered better for flight as well as leaves the opportunity open to go into a CRNA/ACNP program.
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    I work as a Monitor Tech on a cardiology floor right now and it really is an amazing field. There is so much to learn and everything is exciting. I have been doing it for 8 months now and still have at least one person a shift with a "huh?" Rhythm that I have search through books to figure out.
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    Yeah, where is anesthesia? A long term goal for me.

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