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Hello all, Like so many others on this site, I'm trying to decide where to go to nursing school. I've considered local options, but my wife and I have been discussing moving away from our hometown, and we think this seems... Read More

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    1. DUKE 2. Temple
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    Salisbury University in MD has a very-high pass rate for the NCLEX-RN Exam! Good Luck!
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    Just don't go somewhere where you'd graduate with 60-80K in debt when you could somewhere for 20K and probably get a better edcuation. In MD Hopkins has one of the worst NCLEX pass rates and they you pay 40K/year for the privledge of failing it. Nobody hires you on the fact that you went to a famous school.

    Where I graduated at Salisbury Univ in MD has a good accelerated program (3.3K/semester as a MD resident you get residency if you agree to work in MD). Its only 3 semesters and had a 100% pass rate for 3 straight years (not sure about the Fall 2010 class grads). Its hard to get an A there (the best students get 3.5s they try to only give A's to about 10-20% of students) however as a balance if you are a SU grad you automatically get into the masters/RN practiconer program with a 2.75.

    The only downside to the program is that while the campus is nice the town is a dump and because its so accelerated (the 1st semester is cake) you get punished in the final semester.