Former US Army medic, starting nursing school

  1. Hey everyone!

    My name is Brad. I recently left the Army as a medic, where I spent time as everything from first responder to ER tech to clinical assistant. I start nursing school next month and I'm both excited and nervous.

    Anyways, I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.
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  3. by   herithv
    Dont be norvous brother, nursing is a field which can make someone scared for the first time and thats when u have not realy understood the meaning of nursing, as time goes on its realy a proffesional that is realy interesting, im in my last year of the course but i never knew the meaning till the third year , its now something i can never let go, looking someone transforming frm sad to happy because of you is realy a good feeling. Wish you the best.
  4. by   SoldierNurse22
    Excitement and nervousness are to be encouraged.

    The excitement typically drives interest and study. An appropriate level of nervousness encourages caution and commitment to doing the right thing for the patient. Without either of those two emotions present, you're looking at possible disaster.

    As far as "not knowing" what nursing is and therefore being nervous (as a PP indicated), that's a dangerously ignorant opinion of the field. There is plenty to be wary of, especially when you're new and may not know enough to know better. A healthy dose of caution is invaluable.
    Yes, you will adjust to the level of responsibility placed on you, but it is both important and normal for nurses--especially new ones--to experience some anxiety throughout school and well into their first years of employment as they adjust to a rapidly-changing, brand-new environment that often depends on them to keep it safe and functioning.

    Best of luck in your studies! You sound like you'll make a great nurse!
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