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Does anyone know the percentage of black males being admitted into nursing school and how many graduate? Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from jun14
    what is the big deal if your intended to enroll and wants to be a black nurse someday???every one has a chance to choose what course in college to pursue..NO exception at all...

    Hi Jun14,

    The African American male nurses or nursing students are simply expressing a sense of pride. I would hope that if your a RN, LPN or nursing student that you are proud of your accomplishments and would want to tell the virtual world.


    jek2839, RN, MBA, MSHS, MSN, EdD(s)

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    Congratulations guys!!!

    Upon completing your entry-level nursing programs, continue with your studies and move up the nursing ladder of success.


    jek2839, RN, MBA, MSHS, MSN, EdD(s)
    **********Former LPN************
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    35 yr African american male recently divorced and father of three.CNA 2years will be Phlebotomist this June. Also will be finished rereqs in june havent decided if LVN or RN which ever calls first out of Temple Jr., Central Texas College, or Mclennan COmmunity College Thats the run down. and im hoping The BON is a promising as they said in the end about forgiving my 15yr old felony.
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    Quote from dlhall
    Does anyone know the percentage of black males being admitted into nursing school and how many graduate?
    Nope. But I can tell you the best CNA I ever worked with - better than me even and that is saying something - is a black male from Kenya.

    He is now a black male RN at the nursing home we worked at. And he kicks butt.
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    Hi all,

    I'm a 46 yr old and recently made up my mind that I would do nursing. I'm taking my first class this semester but have concerns about finishing. I'm unemployed, married, and have 2 kids at home. So far everything is working out financial but the thought of 2 yrs to become an RN has me worried. I wish I made the decision to go foward with nursing earlier because I could have prepared to apply for the LPN program by taking the prereq's. Either way, I plan on applying in the next week to both, but the LPN program is my first choice because its the best option for my life. I am the only Black male that I have seen in the nursing building. There are 2 other young men (20's) in my Phar class so I'm the only older male. I know I can do this, but I wish there was more peer related support for this journey. I'm praying that I do well so that I can start in the Spring.

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    i currently attend a predominately black school, and the nursing program only accepted 3 black males in my class, i am one of them, as a matter of fact the majority of nursing students in my class is white, and the only problem that i have with that is it's not the fact that black males can't be successful in nursing school just as much as our white counterparts, it's that we aren't given the opportunity to prove ourselves, we're pre-judged, or we have the preconceived notion that nursing is a feminine profession, and it's very few of us. but, i plan to create a program and actively recruit males into nursing, especially black males. it's time we even this profession out, gender wise, and race wise!!!
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    schools accept people based on GPA and HESI... they dont care if you are male or female , black or white. in my class 4 male, (1 black) 80 female. I calculate that to be about the same as any other male and directly proportional to the number that applied to the program. (that's my guess)
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    Just graduated from High School and plan on going for my BSN. Doiing a year of pre-reqs then going straight into the nursing program. Since I'm 17 now I should be 20 when I'm finished with school
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    Quote from KirbyEMT
    Personally, here in the midwest, they don't have quotas for anything, it's grades that get you in or keep you out of RN school. There are several African American Male RN students here, I'm good pals with a couple of them, and quite a few AA female RN students, and it is pretty much representative of the community in general. Glad to hear you're pursuing nursing, but keep in mind these places really look at grades.
    imagine that??? looking at grades rather than color of your skin. novel idea!

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