Anyone relocating after your program finishes?

  1. I'm exactly 2 months away from pinning for my ASBN program at Umass. I've lived in New England my whole life (26 years) and I'm strongly considering a move down to Atlanta. I've got family down there, I crave a city with no winter and its a great town for a rabid sports fan such as myself. just curious if anyone has any tips. Should I be scouting out jobs now? I will probably take the boards late January early Feb. I've heard that the job market down there is pretty bleak right now (as is the case with 98% of the country.) Just wanna hear from some people in similar situations.
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  3. by   mowski1214
    Hey bro,

    Congratulations on almost finishing. Got a couple of quick questions; do you have healthcare experience-CNA, tech, etc? Do you have a specialty you want to work in? If you do have the healthcare experience, it definitely helps with getting a job around here in the New England area, and for the interview process for wherever you apply. Also, if you are limited to one specialty, you have limited tip is to stay open about opportunities.

    I just graduated from the ABSN program at Umass Boston at the end of August and had a job offer prior to the completion of my program at a nurse residency program in the Midwest. I also had two interviews at a hospital I work at in central NH, one of which I ended up taking because I worked there as a nursing assistant. Other people in my program are becoming distressed about the lack of opportunities in the Boston/metro Boston area and are expanding their searches. However, one person got a job at MGH because she hounded the **** out of people about a job during her clinical preceptorship. Other people have been offered positions in other areas of the country-Texas (me--which I will actually take and quit my current job in NH, and one other student), Colorado, Iowa, and I think one person got one down south somewhere. Opportunities exist but if you can move, do it, and do limit yourself with the specialty you want to do. Also, start looking for nurse residency programs now as many of them will be requiring applications for their programs that start in Jan/Feb. My last piece of advice, take the boards as soon as possible.
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    thanks a lot man and congrats. I really think i'd like to get med surg just for the experience but pediatrics interest me. I"ve been a CNA at a nursing home for 3 + years so hopefully that will look good on my resume.
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    Nice. That will definitely help, especially if you can use them as a reference.