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    Quote from pelsmith
    I like it here at Warner Robins, but then again, I'm not looking for a nightlife. Church. School. Work. Garden. Repeat.
    I wasn't looking for nightlife in Georgia (hell, if anyone wants nightlife there, they can find all the semi-decent nightlife they want in "Hotlanta")... I think I missed Northern California... and having a decent asian market within a good driving distance away from my house (instead of having to drive aaaaaall the way to Atlanta to get stuff I wanted to cook at home)... and the beautiful Northern California beaches... and I didn't enjoy having my social group being chosen for me. Among other things. Don't get me wrong-- Georgia is a pretty state... but it just wasn't for me.

    Taking prereqs at the local schools was a breath of fresh air since I was able to be around people who I didn't work with...
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    Thread reminder:

    No further naming of Profs here, please.
    Protection by anonymity, for good or bad, needs to be respected...even regarding folks who are NOT members. PM each other instead if need to regarding Profs...but, not on an open board.

    Thank you.
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    i am in Georgia. I am attending columbus state university and am starting the nursing program in august!!!
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    I'm in Atlanta, work at St. Joe's Hospital currently and am starting the AND program at Auburn U in Alabama in August, then RIGHT back up to Atlanta and Midtown.

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