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Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who... Read More

  1. by   Med Research11
    That is good information to know!! Was there a deposit required as well? If you dont mind saying...how much was it? I am also interested in knowing how much this whole program is going to cost. That is another question I have for admissions. I have heard that second degrees get very little financial aid, so most of the money will need to be from loans.
  2. by   SON14
    300 dollar deposit. Your right! It might cost around 42K I think. The good thing is that UNE offers financial aid.
  3. by   Med Research11
    I am also hoping to find some scholarship money if available. Though I am not sure how that works with second degrees either. Hopefully it is available!! I think the deposit also goes toward tuition once the semster begins as well.
  4. by   SON14
    UNE automatically offers you aid and submit a fafsa as well
  5. by   Med Research11
    I have already submitted a FAFSA so I am just waiting to hear if I am accepted. Ugh!! Did you get your financial aid packet as well with your acceptance letter?
  6. by   SON14
    Yes part Of it.
  7. by   SON14
    Someone from admissions emailed me back. The class size is about 21 students. 90% passing rate on the exam. Will be doing extensive clinical hours in the hospitals as well. Their main goal is to get you prepared and working as soon as possible.
  8. by   Med Research11
    That sounds like it will be a small class to the advantage of the students and professors. More individual interaction with professors/instructors if needed. It sounds as though its going to be a decent program. I wouldnt expect anything less from UNE. I think the idea of getting students into the working world is great. It will help slow down the nursing shortage crisis which is already widespread.
  9. by   SON14
    Yes it does sound like a decent program. But any news today? Have you called them?
  10. by   Med Research11
    I didn't get anything in the mail. Unfortunately, I didnt have time to call today either. Tomorrow I will ask for anyone who has information on the decisions.
  11. by   Med Research11
    SON - I finally have some news. I was told that a prereq class was greater than 5 years old. Just over 5 years actually. I am in the process of having the time requirement waived for admission. Otherwise, I may be taking a class this fall
  12. by   SON14
    Oh no!!! If you take it again this fall will they be able to accept you?
  13. by   Med Research11
    Yes, but the class will have to be completed before the program starts.

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