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Just wondering if there are any people applying for the new ABSN program at University of New England in Portland Maine. I am also interested in knowing if there are any current/past students who... Read More

  1. by   Med Research11
    Yes I am from Maine. I live just outside of Portland. If you need any information about the area let me know. Its nice in the summer but winters can be a little challenging.
  2. by   SON14
    Cool,Thank you!
  3. by   SON14
    I read on the website that classes start in Dec 16, 2011. My acceptance letter says for Spring 2012. I'm wondering when the actual start day is.
  4. by   Med Research11
    I think orientation is the first day or maybe two. After that I think classes start up in January with a few classes online and another one on campus. Take a look at the curriculum and it shows the courses there. Not sure about your acceptance letter. Maybe UNE is just considering it Spring because its so close anyway??
  5. by   SON14
    This is what I found out so far. Orientation is December 16th and classes start December 19th-January 13th (Winter Session-Semester I). Spring Session-Semester II starts January 18th-May11th with spring break (March 19-23).
  6. by   Med Research11
    That sounds like its going to be a pretty intense program. I think it will be challangeing but interesting. I didnt hear any news today about an acceptance decision. Thanks for the info!!
  7. by   SON14
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  8. by   Med Research11
    Thanks SON14!! Have you made a choice about attending UNE or are you still waiting on a decision from another school??
  9. by   SON14
    As of now I decided to accept UNE's offer. I'm scared though it's a big move for me since I live in California and also not knowing anybody I am waiting to hear back from the other schools.
  10. by   Med Research11
    I am sure there will be some other people in the same boat as you. Maybe not from the West coast but some will be from out of state knowing nobody. You will meet your classmates and make many friends. I think you will like your decision to attend UNE. Its a diverse area with many things to do in your free time. Hope this helps!!
  11. by   SON14
    Thank you! I called Admissions and emailed them twice I have not heard a response yet. Any news?
  12. by   Med Research11
    Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything yet. I am losing hope with each day that passes when I hear nothing I tried calling admissons today with no luck and then sent an email. Not sure what the hold up is but its driving me crazy. Maybe tomorrow??
  13. by   SON14
    Yes maybe tomorrow! They give 14 days for people to confirm.

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