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hi everyone! Just wanted to get some general info from students that have been in the Central Maine Medical center school of nursing. What is your schedule like? The professors? Do you enjoy it? I should hear back from them... Read More

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    Well, fortunately our school (CMMC) will accept people that have not yet taken all those classes (ENG101, A&P, Microbiology...) and they do offer most of them. What I'm trying to say is the problem with that is can be overload for most people, some can do it but struggle. I took all my classes at the community college in Auburn because they were cheaper and applied to CMMC and got in. It was not only more helpful for me to have had those classes because I understood what we were talking about in class. The teachers will tell you themselves that when they are lecturing, they will NOT take extra time to explain the A&P of what they are teaching, so it could be hard to keep up with and fully grasp if you have not had the class....Again, it CAN be done and I've seen it- just don't over do it!

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    Makes sense. I will have to contact them to be sure that my ENG 101 class carries over from CMCC to CMMC from 10 years ago!

    So taking to what you said into consideration, having all the non nursing classes done ahead of time, it would be hard to get all of thee classes under my belt before fall of 2012, or not? Here are the classes:

    ENG 101 College Writing (3 credits)

    PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

    BIO 111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I/lab (4 credits)

    PSY 201 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)

    BIO 112 Human Anatomy & Physiology/lab (4 credits)

    PHM 201 Pharmacology (3 credits)

    BIO 213 Microbiology/lab (4 credits)

    Actually that looks like it could be done in two semesters? Would be hard to fit that in with my current full time job and I didnt want to break the news to them until I was excepted into a program. Hmmm

    EDIT - forgot they want two electives as well...woops!
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    does CMMC offer clinicals during the summer? or is it only spring and fall
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    As of now they only offer classes fall/spring semester. They do, however, offer evening classes (which include clinicals on Saturday) but the class is very small - hence not alot of room. Things are changing at the college and I wouldn't be surprised if they do indeed offer a summer semester. It would make sense to me. Where are you in your studies?

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