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  1. I need some suggestions. I am in the process of conducting my first new hire orientation next week. I am debating as to if the orientation should be 2 half days or 1 full day. If I did the 2 half days, the first day would be from 8-1pm and cover all the basics such as infection control, hippa, resident's rights, tour of the facility, and lunch. The second day would be for clinical staff only and cover all nursing paperwork and documentation/CNA duties/equipment/transfers and lifts. (Need help on how to divide teaching when I orient both nursing and CNA's because I will be discussing different areas with both) If I did the one day, I would have the clinical staff stay and conduct that from 1-4pm. I am planning on new hire orientation twice a month. Any advice? Also, any suggestions on a short video regarding LTC and the important role staff plays? I would like to show that at the beginning of the orientation.
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  3. by   NurseGuyBri
    I know this post is after you've already done your first Orientation, so how did it go?? I'm a new ADON as well, but have a lot of orientation training with other businesses. One thing to remember is that orientation is BORING. ALWAYS! No matter what you do, it will be boring. My orientation takes from 8am - Noon for non-nursing staff, 8am - 2pm for nursing staff. the last 2 hours is duties and lifts. It doesnt sound like much, I know. Then, I spend 2 hours a day every day with each orientee on documenation and computer systems. THis allows them to have personal time. It makes me have 55 - 60 hour work weeks, but saves me SO MUCH HEADACHE later on, since many people will not retain orientation information and everyone is not on the same level of learning.

    The way I do the 2 hour increments is this: For LPNS/ RN Sups: after Day one of orientation (paperwork, hipaa, videos on abuse/neglect/etc), Day two begins at 0630. The perosn comes in directly to the floor and shadows a cart nurse. They watch report at 0630, watch med pass, etc. When the cart nurse goes off the floor to begin charting or other duties (usually 930/10am), the orientee will then come back to me for computer training. We go over how to document the facility way, computer basics, login, etc. Then lunch. Then the orientee comes back on the floor w/ the 7-3 cart nurse, finishes afternoon med pass, and goes home.
    Day 3: Same thing but the computer training advances. I will do this for evenings too, as I like to come in late some days and watch the 3-11 shift. I continue 2 hour training for 4 days to ensure they get it. Then there is a 21 day assessment I do to ensure they're doing well.

    For CNAs, the training is very similar. Their day 1 orientation is the same, but they dont get day 2 orientation. They follow a lead CNA for a week. Then they report back to me to be signed off on computer and get additional help.

    This is *VERY* condensed. if you need/want more details, i'll be happy to oblige!!! you can email me at nurseguybri at gmail dot com.