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Last month I accepted a DON position at a nursing home. The previous DON was already gone. Three days after I started state came in for the survey as well as the fire marshall. Plan of correction is done (that was excruciating)... Read More

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    The one thing that makes you successful as a DON is having a supportive administrator. If administrator supports you in front of everyone, even if you disagree behind closed doors, you can succeed. An Administrator once told me that an administrator and a DON should be like a married couple and never argue in front of the "kids". If you have this relationship with your new administrator, you should hang in there. There will always be fires to put out but as long as you do it together you can make it. AND always find things to make you laugh EVERYDAY.
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    Last post, well said. This is so true. If your administrator is not on your side, then you will
    lose. Mine told me that they will back me up 100%. I was told that I was wanted on their
    side and that we should be very close. I can appreciate that, as that told me I was in the
    right place. My other ADM was against everything I did and even sided with the ADON as they
    yelled and screamed into my face. I was told that I must ride that ADON's coat tails. Say what?

    If you dont already have a relationship with your ADM, find some common interests. Talk small chat about
    what schools you went to, ask where they grew up, about children and such. see if there are any connections, you might be surprised.
    Go out for a meal together. Let them know how much you appreciate them.
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    The worst thing you can do is threaten the nursing staff with calling the state and feds in when some paperwork is wrong and no narcs missing. That's what happened to me. I had a new DON start and she threatened to call state and feds in because a nurse didn't sign a discharge sheet. She then wanted me to take a drug test and took my keys. She blew everything out of proportion, went through my desk and lied about it. She has started on the wrong foot and is acting like the place is a mess when we have been working hard without a DON. Not a way to start at all. Very hurtful and threatening. Best thing you can do is when you find something not up to par is to teach in a nice way. My situation is a nightmare. I wish you luck. Just try not to put anyone down and keep any negative comments to yourself or talk with ED about it. Remember the ones that have been have probably been doing the best they can.

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