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We have a RNC who comes in every 3 weeks and tears the facility apart, making everyones job harder than it has to be. Make smart remarks to us, does not listen to us. Throws new forms at us that no one has ever seen, tells us... Read More

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    Quote from americanTrain
    No longer working there, but yes, we prob. did work for the same corporation
    Good for you! Your health will thank you!

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    ahhh our facility consultant nurse is AWESOME! she of course finds things that need work, but she helps us find ways to make our facility better. she actually cares even though she has multiple buildings. we are blessed to have her, she is amazing!
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    My recent experience was quite different. A team of two regional corporate nurses came to help fix our deficiencies. Our facility has lacked accountability and as a result the staff has been allowed to do things "their" way. The DON doesn't want to "upset" staff so she has ignored a lot of what's going on. We are now facing denial of payment. The corporate nurses both have over 30 yrs experience and are very knowledgable. They are there to fix the problems. They are met with extreme resistance. The DON and staff constantly say,"Who do they think they are coming into our building telling us what we need to do. This is "OUR" building." As soon as the corporate nurse leaves they go right back to doing it their way and the DON supports it. It's very frustrating because I see the problems as well but my hands are tied. I report to the DON, she's my boss. My DON cares more about being popular and liked by her staff she ignores serious nursing errors because she doen't want to upset certain nurses. She operates on fear a lot. Fear they will quite, fear they won't like her, fear she will have to cover a shift, etc... I have been very grateful for all the help our corporate nurses have given us. They have identified tons of problems and held staff and the DON accountable. The problem is when they leave things go right back to how it was before. When this happens, the corporate nurses do get angry and come down hard. Then the DON complains that she is being disrespected. My thing is if you know what is expected, if you just did it they wouldn't have to come down hard. Any thoughts? After all, they do have the power to terminate if you are not upholding facility expectations. Finally, I think if she really didn't want them living in our building, then she should do everything in her power to get things right so they won't have to be there. They are there because of the severity of the deficiencies.

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