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  1. I have worked at my facility for 3 years and now the ADON position has opened and I applied. I have an interview next week with my DON. Could anyone help me with the questions? What would be some of the things that she could ask me? I want this position and don't want to mess up the interview. My DON is fairly new so I don't know her that well yet. Please help.
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  3. by   achot chavi
    Not knowing the DON and what she is looking for that is hard. I can only tell you that an ADON plays an important part in implementing and assisting the DON in her duties and responsibilities. You have to be totally on board, you might have to let her get credit for your work, you might have to lower your ego, you have to be supportive, responsible, always follow the rules etc, no exceptions unless she approves it. You can talk against her behind her back, you cant join groups that do, better to walk away when they start bashing her etc. You will be thrown a ton of work, mostly the stuff the ADON doesnt want to do or is tedious. Find out what responsibilities it entails - QA, UR, Inservices, MDS+? Clarify hours, responsibilities, being on call, etc You might not be able to take vacation when your DON is taking vacation..
    Hope this helps, but it may not apply to your facility..