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Who in your facilities decides who is admitted? We're in the middle of a transition (which really means fire the person who knows what they are doing and hire a bunch of non-clinical people to screen... Read More

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    Could you clarify what med rec does to "handle admits"? I'm reviewing our admission process and med rec is fairly involved but I want to be more specific. Do you work with a med rec consultant? I work in ltc in se wisconsin. Thanks.

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    She takes all the referrals, assigns the beds, checks payor sources, etc.
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    I worked as an onsite evaluator for a LTC company. I did get this feedback as well from the Care Coordinators in the hospital. Home Care has stepped up their game in terms of what services they can and will provide in the home setting. Why send a patient to Rehab when they can get the same services cheaper at home?

    My boss(es) felt I wasn't doing enough to improve census. Aside from kidnapping patients from the hospital, the only option we had was to improve our clinical offerings. They resisted. I was laid off due to the low referral rates.
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    I am RN for SCALF, ALF, and Independent Living. We have a marketing team, me and the administrator. Right now I really get the final say, but I try to work with everyone. My goal is to make sure we meet regulations as well as have residents that will be able to thrive in ALF. I also take into consideration what my staff can handle.

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