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I have been accepted into the online LPN to RN program at the University of Rio Grande in Ohio. If anyone is attending or is going to please share your thoughts and tips with me. I have no idea... Read More

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    I live in Perry County Ohio, but work in Columbus. I will probably going to Chillicothe for clinicals (I hope). I didn't have to take 13606 because of pathophysiology and extra biology classes I had to take at Hocking College. I'm getting nervous as 14606 approaches in 4 weeks!!! Where are you two from???

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    I live in Lawrence County. It's at the very bottom of Ohio. I found 14606 a bit more challenging for me than 13606. But my professor was awesome and that helped the nervousness for Good luck in 14606
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    Please help. I am currently in the nursing program 13606 and it is becoming more difficult to me. I thought that there would be study guides but there is nothing. They give you about a hundred or so pages to read and 50 questions to test.
    I wish there was someone who could help me with this. I am barely passing. Please if you can give me any tips or study material I would really be thankful.
    my email-
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    I was looking into Rio Grande as a second option if i don't get into OU: southern. But the website is impossible to navigate, and when I click on the ADN program info, it brings up the accelerated LPN/ADN program...which is NOT what I want....

    I am looking at the ADN program, im not an LPN, so where do i go to look for more info? Should i call them to find out more?

    I seen someone say they require a 90% on the hesi? I got a 93.4% but i didn't have to take Chemistry or Biology so i don't know if thats a requirement for them?

    I have all of the pre req's except for A&PII and Micro. so how would the course load be?

    I have like a ton! of questions, so any help is appreciated!
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    Rio Grande is very good at answering questions if you call them. I am an LPN attending the LPN to RN program.
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    I am starting @ Rio Grande this fall for the LPN to RN program, does anyone have books, or uniforms they would like to sell????
    If anyone is willing to give me tips for the program it would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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    I am very interested in any books or uniforms you have!!!
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    Please think long and hard before committing to this program. Students are dropping like flies from failing this program. You absolutely must be able to read literally hundreds of pages of material, and then be able to answer 40 random questions with no study guide or any direction from professors. This program is hard! There are a couple of decent instructors, but they are not consistent. It is very unfair to be stuck with a professor who does not give a crap about her students success. I am passing and I am confident that I will be able to finish the program. But I will not recommend it to anyone.
    If you are going into the program, expect to get background checks and drug tests twice.. not once. ( at your own expense) also, there will be books that you need to purchase that noone bothers to tell you about until later. Only buy what you need for each semester, because the majority of people in this program .. FAIL. Make sure that you have a good running car and a reliable babysitter for clinical days. There are no make up days. If you get sick, get over it.. be prepared to go to clinical anyway.
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    When are the clinicals for the online LPN to rn portion? Are they in evening or can I take them on the weekend? thanks
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    The clinicals are not on the weekend. The first set of clinicals are during summer term, they are 10 hours during the day once a week. The location depends on where you live and where they decide to put you. You really do not have a choice. The drive to clinicals can be up to two hours. You may not know when and where your clinical assignment is until the week before they begin. Rio is very SLOWWWWWW. The school will not work with you very much when it comes to clinical. However, if you have a great clinical instructor you may be able to have a little bit of say so when you begin med surg clinical. Med surg clinical begins in the fall and is typically 12 hours every other week. (you may have the option to go 6 hours once a week depending on what everyone's needs are) again I must stress that it depends on the instructor.

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