The Center for Allied Health and Nursing Education

  1. I have found out that they are COE accredited. What I can't find out is what does that mean as far as transferring an RN license to other states?

    I was looking at going here for my LPN-RN bridge, but I don't want to be limited to the point that I can't move. ANYONE have any info on this? The school said they transfer easily anywhere, and she hasn't heard of any problems, but of course she wants my 26k!
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  3. by   bettyboo6
    I want to know the same thing,did you find out anything. they are cheaper than concord and itt tech
  4. by   JuniorsMommyLPN
    Hi, I'm not too concerned about moving, but am looking into this program at the Brandon, FL campus. Just looking for current or past students opinions, gripes or praises; possibly a sample of what your week looks like. Thanks! Raquel, LPN
  5. by   rnstudentnurse
    I was very excited to start the program, I did not know much about the school when I started. I am in my 3rd quarter now and feeling like I made a huge mistake going to this school. They are very unorganized and keep changing teachers (teachers are quitting and getting fired). Many of the teachers have no experience and just read off of the powerpoint. The directors don't return phone calls and there is NO communication, they don't let you review your papers/tests so if you "fail" a test you have to take their word for it. I was concerned about my grade on a midterm and the teacher told me as long as you get a certain percent on the final you will be fine. I got 5 points over that percent and was told I still failed the class, the teacher was fired the same week for whatever reason, but they still told me I had to retake the class and would not let me review my test. I called several colleges in the area to see about transferring and was told that they DO NOT accept credits from center for allied health and nursing because it is not accredited. The same teacher had told our class that she was in trouble because too many students were passing with high grades so she must be giving us the answers, she said she had to make sure we didn't all get A's. I have gone to a university for my bachelors degree and never had heard such things as I have in this "school" . Honestly I think they rushed to open before they got there ducks in a row. Too much confusion and with nursing school being as stressful as it is, who needs the extra? I would look into other schools...if you already decided to go to this school....I wish you lots of luck!