Starting school on 8/29/12

  1. Hi I start school on aug 29. I am so anxious . Have been an lpn for 17 years and consider myself good. My experience has been ltc. No hospital experience. I am worried about fitting in with the second year students. I really want to. I am also worried cause to be honest I dont know a heck of a lot about ivs. They make me nervous but I suppose its cause we dont deal with them to often. I am just starting to feel comfortable with trach patients. Only have had to take care of a couple.

    My first day of school will be orientation to clinical site then on second day I will be doing a sim lab. I have no idea what is expected. I dont want to make a fool out of myself in the sim lab. I am the only one in my clinical group on that day that gets to go to the sim lab. other people will be joining but 1 from each clinical group. I know no one and its frustrating. it also sounds like we get our patients assigned the day of clinical so no prep time the night before. I am really praying that I'll make it through. I have worked so hard for this.

    any study tips or advice would be appreciated. thanks
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  3. by   tainted1972
    I just finished my LPN to RN program. I promise, it will be okay. You will be surprised to find out that everyone else is just as anxious as you are. There were LPN's in my RN program that have never started an IV and some of them were pros at it. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and skill levels. Good luck
  4. by   chellewood
    I'm in my third quarter of an LPN to RN bridge program and every new quarter is nerve racking. Don't worry, you'll meet people who are just as nervous as you and from a lot of different areas of nursing. Just remember, it's been a long time since you went through school the first time so don't be hard on yourself. Stay focused and study hard.