School Drama and how to avoid

  1. Hello all-

    If you are reading this thread, you are either curious or caught up in school drama and want a way out.

    I'm writing on my iPhone, so I apologize ahead for any typos.

    There are many issues that arise in nursing school. Stress, a need to study with other people in hopes to elevate your grades and possibly making friends with others that are in your shoes.
    You may feel that you need to make instant friends in school, but one must be cautious in the selection process.

    Below are just a couple of things to watch for in order to avoid school drama.

    Gossip- this is poison and should be avoided at all times. You may be starting school or just starting to make a few friends in your program. It is possible that you have found a connection with one or two. There is nothing wrong with being friendly in school, but what I have found is that this can back fire on you. Be careful what you share about yourself. Make sure that what you do share can be shared with everyone since likely, your information will be spread by these "gossip gals." You may wonder why certain students are always asking you questions not pertaining to school but instead inquire about your job, your income, where you live (not which city, but which neighborhood). Practice extreme caution when you start to talk or even drive with other students. You may think that the questioning above is innocent and maybe it is, but isn't it best to be safe than sorry?

    Warning signs- the moment these students that you thought could be your friends, start to gossip about teachers, patients or other students....RUN!! Continue to be friendly and kind, but it is best to distance yourself as much as possible. In addition; watch for students that ask personal or inappropriate questions. They are either seeking information for power or to share with others. Never share your wage/salary. First this is totally inappropriate for them to ask, but mostly, it is unprofessional for you to share. You just never know who knows who and best to answer with "I'm sorry, I'm unable to share that information"

    Negative Nancy- nursing school is already very difficult. The last thing one needs is to be around negativity. This is yet another student or group of students you want to be kind and friendly to but maintain distance. In my experience, these might be the same people that gossip. On one hand, they can be students that are involved in class, participate and even offer some information adding to the teachers discussion, but when these folks are out of the classroom environment, they complain about whatever and whoever is bothering them at that given moment.

    Will you cross bridges with these type of people outside of school? Sure....but if you smile, be nice and don't get involved in the "he said she said." You and others will know that you are professional and caring. When searching for that dream nursing job, you will be the one who shines and rises above.

    Be the change that you wish to see in the world- Gandhi
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