School Application asking if I am pregnant- I am- What should I do? School Application asking if I am pregnant- I am- What should I do? | allnurses

School Application asking if I am pregnant- I am- What should I do?

  1. 0 I am applying to an LVN-RN program that starts in 2 months. I am 3 months pregnant and don't want them to think this will hinder me. The program is only 8 months and I want to get started and not delay.

    When I start the program I will be 5 months pregnant.

    On the application it asks if I am pregnant!

    I'm scared if I put yes, they will deny my application (but say it is for some other reason) or try to talk me into waiting until the baby is born (I cannot wait any longer!)

    Should I say no.... and then once I start let them know I found out over the break that I am indeed pregnant??

    Or tell them yes, and hope for the best and that they accept me?

    Thanks for the advice.
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    I've always been a fan of the truth. If you think they are going to prevent you from taking classes because you are, that can't really happen. If you tell them when you start, they may be suspicious (you are already 3 months along). If you have to have a physical done, it will show up in one way or another.
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    At an orientation I recently went to it was explained that they need this info because you can be exposed to a lot of things in clinical that you wouldn't want to be exposed to while pregnant and your instructor needs this info in order to not put you in that situation.
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    If you say no and they find out you are, and they will, you will likely be leaving the program. Nursing programs put a great deal of emphasis on integrity and honesty and you will not be impressing them if you try to hide it...I don't mean to sound harsh but it is what is it. And the above poster is's also a huge safety issue.
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    Thanks so much, I agree honesty is the way to go. Being pregnant and going to school is not a crime!
    Hopefully it all works out.

    Thanks again,