San Diego City College LVN to RN

  1. 0 the waitlists for the associate of science degree in nursing program (adn) and the licensed vocational nurse to registered nurse (lvn to rn) step-up program (adn) are [font=inherit]closed.

    so they are no accepting any more applicants?
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    Hi Christine I think what they meant to say is that the "waiting list" route to get in/admission to the nursing programs is closed because they are using the a multi-criteria now where you basically compete to other students that are also trying to get in to the Nursing program. I hope this help and yes they are still accepting application. But I believed they will not offer LVN program this year or next year because of funding (no funds) something like that.

    If you are trying to go for LVN, check the grossmont adult school by Santee.
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