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  1. Is there just a thread for RN students? I am however a LPN but I am not in a bridge program would this be the thread for me?
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  3. by   momtojosh
    i would like to be part of that thread as well.
    I am a LPN in a RN program but not a bridge...its a 2 yr ADN program...i started from the begining...i could of tested out of nursing 1 but decided not to..i want more care plan experience and the nursing process...clinical is a bit boring..but all and all its been fun..how about you?
  4. by   laydiebuug
    My course is a 18 month accelerated program 1 term=2 modules 5 weeks long. Its intense but I am loving it so far. I could have tested out of somethings as well but decided not to. We dont start clinicals until January I think. Care plans should be interesting since I hardly remember them, we didnt focus on it as much in LPN school. I work in pediatrics right now, how about you? I am hoping to go to mother baby or back to case management since I have experience in that
  5. by   momtojosh
    since becoming a LPN I have worked in a state run home for 12 medically frail, mentally and physically frail individuals. I have lost many nursing abilities in the cognitive area I am finding through school. BUT I have used many pyshomotor skills,more than most RNs(trach care,replacing g-tubes,straight caths and such).
    so,i am glad i am starting from the begining. I need to learn the nursing process and how to do a care plan and most importanly on how to think like a RN.
    pediatrics sound interesting. what do you do?

    hope more LPNs see this thread and share their thoughts and feelings and their adventure in school again.
  6. by   laydiebuug
    I work in a private practice and we deal with newborns to adolescents and I do a bit of everything PKU's and lab preparation. I do a lot of patient teaching! Especially with the first time parents and breast feeding anxiety and just general new baby anxiety. I am getting bored now though I been doing it for almost three years, I left for about six months to do case management but didn't like the politics associated with the company I was working with.
  7. by   lovemyLPN
    hey laydiebug,LPN
    Sounds like my LPN program at ECPI in VA. I loved the 5 weeks because you didn't have time to mess up!
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    I'm an LPN in an RN transition program as we speak. It's only two semesters so it's pretty intense!!! Lot's of "you guys are LPN's already and you should know this." I'm not complaining though. My school only takes 10 people per year and I made the cut. That seems to be the case everywhere around me. 10, 15 max is the admission quota. Ahhh well... Here I come RN.
  9. by   lovemyLPN
    clinical is fun... but the paperwork is not!!! I forgot just how much work this could be.
  10. by   momtojosh
    and the nclex style questions!....it sure is more intense than LPN school,thats for sure.

    my problem area is diagnoses. i cant seem to get the wording down or when the etilogy comes in for the testing. we have our 2nd test on tues. received an 86 on the first one. 50 MC questions. thats what they will be for now on. then finals are 100 MC. at first ithought great..i can do this...but after taking several practice test on the chapter with diagnoses...i am having doubts. do you guys have any helpfull hints for mastering diagnoses? should would be great!!

    so ladiebuug,do you work in a pediatrics office? my sister works in a cardio office and loves it...esp the hours...mon-fr, weekends holidays off,and when her doc is on vaca,she is too .
    thats ok with her,she is retired fromt eh post office and decided to go for LPN when she was 62,she is 65 now.

    i am a non-traditional student as well. was a stay at home mom for 19 years and went back to school. now at age 50 aproaching rather quickly(next wed) i am at it again. only the nurisng course itself though..took all co-and pre-reqs to get them out of the way. glad i did!!!