Nursing mobility exam??? similar to PN NCLEX?

  1. Hi All!!
    I have to take the NLN mobility exam next week. Whats it like? They Nursing Coordinator said I should study like I did for the NLCLEX! I have not worked as a nurse in 6yrs. I did take the HESI last week and did very well! Does it have a lot of drug calculations? Can somebody out there help me out?? Thanks
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  3. by   CapNurse09
    There is nothing really to study for, it is basically a foundations of nursing type of exam. It was not hard and I believe it had a few very basic calculations. Don't fret too much, its not near as in depth as the PN NCLEX. Good luck.
  4. by   nursejossy
    Thanks for your answer! So basically it gives you patient situations and nursing actions and you pick the best answer? Any technical processes like how to insert and IV or cath somebody? Disease symptoms? medical tests? Like I said the nursing department scared me!
  5. by   CapNurse09
    No technical questions like starting an IV or putting in a foley. Mostly the questions dealt with picking the best nursing action, a few questions on Insulin, signs and symptoms, etc. I worked in an office for may years before I took the exam and did very well. I did not study for the exam. It was all basic nursing knowledge. Hope this helps, if you're scared read through an LPN foundations of nursing text.

    Good luck to you
  6. by   nursejossy
    Thanks for your info. I feel better now
  7. by   mamamiah

    Look into Foundations of Nursing, PEDS and OB. Review basic dosage calculations.
  8. by   nursejossy
    Took it today. Some questions were downright easy! Some were the kind I hate, when 2 answers could be right depending on what they are looking for. I like questions with a factual answer not " what is the best response to a bizarre made up patient situation" : ) It had 178 questions, I took about 2hrs. Approx 5 dosage questions. My test had no peds or OB. Get results in 10 days Glad its over
  9. by   mamamiah
    So where are you at, I know when I took it there was a month wait. so with your school, are you trying to test out of the first yr of the ADN program? let me know how you do. I know when I took it, you had 2 chances to take it...........
  10. by   nursejossy
    We had no wait to sign up for the test. The college offered it approx every two weeks. I am trying to get into the advanced placement program because I am an LPN. We only get one chance but only have to get a 75% to pass. Hopefully I did ok!!
  11. by   mamamiah
    I am sure you did well. The school I am trying to get into offers it twice a yr. LPNs have two times to pass. The test consisted of foundations of nursing, PEDS, and OB. It was a 3 part test, if you pass all parts, you do a transition course in the summer. And you go full swing starting in Aug - Dec. then Jan - May.