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Basically, I'm lost and need a little help/guidance. I have been a LVN for 6 years. I am desperately seeking to go back to school but cannot afford west coast. I'm in the process of finishing up all my Science pre req's as... Read More

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    My friend got into Cypress LVN to RN program right away. There was no waitlist. She started February 2013 for 3rd semester.

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    Try Cerritos. You need at least 1 year of experience at snf or sub acute. Their deadline is March 15. Since you've been working for 6 years, you should definitely try Cerritos. Good luck!!
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    The diagnostic test at Cerritos is the teas right?
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    Quote from Andy.Cap
    Does anybody know where I can find a listing of 30 unit programs available in So Cal? I've searched and Havnt come up with too many besides Santa Ana (huge wait list) Citrus college (available fall 2014) Possibly Azuza Pacific University Mira costa CC... *specifically OC/IE/LA area*
    Have you tried Concordia in Irvine? They offer a 30 unit option.
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    Have you looked into College of the Canyons in Valencia? I read on here somewhere that they didn't have enough qualified applicants for the bridge program (last spring, I think) so they didn't offer the bridge program. Also, they do have a 30 unit option (at least, that's what their website says). I don't know where you are located but COC is my first choice for when I'm ready to bridge over.

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