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Ok. Because the waiting list is so long to get into a nursing program at a community college. I was thinking about going to a career college, getting my LVN then doing a LVN to RN bridge program. It seems faster, like a ... Read More

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    Quote from tainted1972
    I chose to become an LPN because the waiting list for RN was too long. I am currently enrolled in an LPN to RN program. If I had waited for the RN program instead of being an LPN first. I would be broke, no car and probably homeless. So it was the best decision financially for me to become an LPN first.
    The RN program that I am in required no pre reqs.
    My timeline.
    LPN school 1 year, no wait, failed one class.. so it took me 16 months.
    licensed 1 month after graduation. Applied for RN program 4 months after graduation. Began RN program 11 months after graduation.
    Total time to get RN (estimated) 3 years and 9 months.

    Keep in mind that you may not be able to start an RN program as soon as you are finished with LPN school. Many nursing programs only begin a couple of times per year. My program for example, begins only one time per year in January. I graduated in February so I had to wait almost a year to start the program. But I am working as a nurse and making a decent salary.
    Hi! What rn school are you attending now if u don't mind me asking?

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    Some LPN to RN programs also require you to work a certain number of hours as an LPN before you can bridge. The tech I will graduate from next month (as an LPN) requires 1000 hours LPN work experience before you can do their bridge.
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    Whatever you do, do what is CHEAPEST! Student loans are OVER-RATED! It does no good to have the income if you pay for the education for 20 years
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    Quote from mitral9
    I went to West Coast Ultrasound Institute, it began as a school for ultrasound and MRI but it has expanded to an LVN program and more. It's a good school, accredited and all of that. I was worried about that too, but as long as you do the research you'll be fine. You can check the credibility of any good school at The school will cost you more than a cc, but most of the bridge programs do. This school has great teachers, all RNs, NPs, and even a few doctors. You should check it out, they have a few locations. And no i haven't gotten a job yet, I just received my license so I'm starting the hunt for one now. Good Luck!
    Wow, which location did you go to?
    I'm asking because I'm also looking to start school this year for LVN, and I just went to check out WCUI today in Beverly Hills. I got a great vibe from that school.

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